For those who registered AFTER May 27th - Dates for program are June 29th - August 19th, schedule will be Monday - Friday from 8:30AM to 3:30PM, & drop off location will be University Heights building.

Summer program dates & schedule for clients who registered PRIOR to May 27th:

June 27th- August 25th, Monday - Thursday 9am-3pm

Start Times to Match Your Needs!

Focused Academic Hour

9:00 am - 10:00 am

This option begins one hour earlier, offering kids 1:1 support to build adaptive skills and academic capacity. At 10:00 am these children will integrate into Elevate's Community Social Groups.

Community Skills and Social Engagement

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

This is for families who would rather start the day a little later and have their kids participate in Elevate's community field trips with goals focusing on social skills and community integration.

ABA Social Groups

Elevate's Summer program seeks to build social and communication skills through natural interactions, thus we work in small groups. Groups are created based on skill building and potential friendships that may blossom! Groups consist of 1-3 adults for 2-4 kids based on community safety skills of each child. 1 child : 1 adult ratios exist for those still learning community safety skills to help facilitate tracking with the group.

Scheduling- A Day in the Life

Seattle during the summer is like nature's amusement park. We are going to do it all this summer: swimming, sports, hiking, spray parks, social group games, bounce houses, you name it! We make our plans to have our programs in the community as much as possible, believing that the community is the most fun and natural place to practice our skills.

We all like consistency in our schedules and our children are no different. Keeping this in mind, Elevate will have 4 week schedules that will rotate 2x to let kids explore the city and return to favorite places. Additionally, we will be practicing similar skills across each location to ensure our learners have enough time to practice a game before learning something new.

Our games are modified to become accessible to our clients. Miniature disc golf courses, giant CandyLand or Memory Match, Red/Light Green light with visuals, and building your own sensory bins are all part of our experiences. Short breaks and downtime to engage in child preferred activities are built into our day every 15minutes to make sure our learners can stretch themselves to try new things without getting overwhelmed.


Daily Schedule

Stations consist of a few game areas to rotate and try new items. Examples of stations may be making slime, playing disc golf, or playing hide and seek.

Big Group Games bring all kids together such as team building games, or kids versus adults games.

Each day of the week heads out to various parks, spray parks, and swim areas to keep the kids cooled off and having fun. Thursdays are field trip days to explore kid friendly spaces.

Vacation Time

Elevate is offering flexible week by week scheduling to accommodate family vacations, other community summer camps, and family time. Please communicate any anticipated vacation plans when signing up for our program. Elevate needs at least two full week notice if you'd like to join or cancel participation for a given week.


Elevate is streamlining the process of spending cash this summer! For each week your child attends an Elevate Summer Session you will be charged a flat fee of $100. This money goes directly toward entry fees, transportation costs, reinforcers, purchasing snacks and other trip specific goodies like when the ice cream truck arrives on a hot day.

I am in! Where do I sign up?


For those who signed up, a member of the Elevate team will reach out to you to confirm your spot and schedule an assessment meeting. Summer assessments will be scheduled in May and June to determine appropriate goals and skill acquisition while engaging in the community.