Elevate strives to break outside the clinical and home based ABA model by offering therapy through social groups in our community - we take therapy into the real world!  Our socially engaging ABA programs and services focus on social skills development for those with ASD.

Our Mission

To advance equity for the Autistic community by elevating those with ASD to the highest level, empowering them to flourish in their confidence, skill, voice, passion, and independence!


"Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent not a singular conception of ability." -Sir Ken Robinson

Our Approach

Elevate's unparalleled, strategic and results-driven approach to teaching social skills takes therapy into the real world; our clients apply their skills in the places they’ll need them! 

Our clients learn to play games, take turns, share, socialize, collaborate, & compete, while nurturing sportsmanship.  We are behavioral optimists who support our clients in every step on their journey of exceeding their goals! 

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA utilizes reinforcement to establish new and healthy routines, build skills and reach goals!  We study each client's skill set, observing them as they interact with their surroundings, until we understand their motivational and environmental variables.  A systematic analysis of these variables allows us to design individualized instructional plans and behavior interventions that work.

Our clients enjoy progressing towards their goals because we keep them interested and motivated throughout the therapeutic process.  We gather data continuously, monitoring progress and celebrating accomplishments along the way.  Applied behavior analysis is an optimistic and hopeful approach that focuses on expanding a person's skills systematically.  At Elevate, we go a step further and strategically embed these systematic trainings in fun, socially engaging, and play-based activities!

Accept. Identify. Move.

AIM is a behaviorally backed and evidence based social emotional curriculum combining Acceptance Commitment Therapy with Applied Behavior Analysis. 

AIM builds flexibility to help our clients determine: Right now, can you accept what is going on, commit to the things you want in life, and really try to get them, no matter what.