Who are the Elevaters?

Cori Gushikuma (she/her), BCBA, LBA

Hi! I'm Cori. I'm a BCBA for Elevate with a will to help and serve others. I've practiced in clinics, schools, and in the home. I moved to Washington from warm and sunny Hawaii, hoping to bring the sun shine with me. Although I haven't managed to do that, seeing my kiddos shine with confidence and happiness is all the warmth my heart needs. In my free time I'm a foodie and bottom shelf wine connoisseur who likes to travel, do arts and crafts, and snuggle with my puppers, Momo.

Katie Weisend, BCBA, LBA (she/her)

Éowyn Sinclair (they/them), BCBA, LBA 

Clinical Director of 8-14

A transplant from Tennessee and Georgia, I got my ABA start in California in 2012 and have been delighted by it's optimism to teach anyone ever since. My experience spans clinics, homes, preschools, K-8, teen groups, and the community setting

As an autistic adult, I want to create safe places for neurodivergence across fields.  I've collaborated with the Arc of King County, University of Washington, and Ryther to discuss ABA Reform and ableism in the field. 

At Elevate, I delight in helping my  learners build skills and find a community that shares their passions. My special interest is Dungeons & Dragons, but I also love cooking and the great outdoors

Betsy Utesch, (she/her), BCBA, LBA 

Hi! I’m Betsy. I’ve been practicing in the field of ABA since 2013, earning my M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University and working as a BCBA at Elevate since 2022. I started my ABA career in my home state of Wisconsin, working in both Illinois and Washington since then. I'm passionate about supporting individuals in growing functional communication, self-advocacy, and individualized goals to help them live their best lives!

I made the move to the PNW in 2021 and am fully embracing the endless outdoor adventures (and coffee!). When I'm not out hiking, I love trying new foods, going to concerts, and cheering for my favorite sports teams.

Neill Dorn (he/him), BCBA, LBA

Neill began working with children with Autism in home-based programs in 1998.  His graduate training took place at the New England Center for Children and Northeastern University in Boston from 2000-2003 when he earned his Master's of Applied Behavior Analysis and BCBA. Since then, Neill has served as a supervising behavior analyst for early intervention, school and home programs, residential programs, and state institutions. Neill has written and taught coursework, and supervised dozens of BCBAs through Northeastern University, the University of Massachusetts and the University of Washington. While working for the University of Massachusetts, Neill co-wrote and secured a NIMH-funded grant to develop a novel method of computer-aided Momentary Time Sample data collection. Presently, Neill serves as a consultant to families with children with Autism. Neill lives in Bellingham, WA where he enjoys hiking, boating and spending time with his children and his dogs. 

Jeff Jergens (he/him), LABA

Director of HR

Anthony Kidd (he/him), CBT

Hello! My name is Anthony Kidd and I'm a behavior therapist for Elevate. I have been with Elevate since 2019, and have experience in working with kids on the autism spectrum dating back to 2012. I'm passionate about building a positive relationship with clients and their families, as well as work in a fun and safe environment daily. On my free time I like to workout, play basketball, fish, read, and online shop (clothes/shoes). I'm excited about the upcoming school year and the progress each client within Elevate will receive both academically and socially.  

Leo Perucca (he/him), CBT

I’m Leo! I have been a BT since 2018. Before I was a BT I facilitated a support group for teens and children who had experienced a loss. The best part of my job is talking to kiddos about their thoughts and feelings. I love to teach about mindfulness and how to experience difficult thoughts and feelings without running away from them. I like to read and write fantasy in my free time. If you are looking for a great novel or a new podcast I always have a new suggestion. 

Celeste Sloan, CBT (she/her)

Audra Hitz (she/her)

Chief of Operations

Additional Staff

Jill Schwartz, BCBA, LBA (she/her)

Megan Cox, BCBA, LBA (she/her)

Caroline Kifa, CBT (she/her)

Preston King, CBT (he/him)

Leiah Andres, LABA (she/her)

Celeste Johnson, LABA (she/they)

Pets of Elevate!